Several pieces of dehydrated chicken breast dog treats

Chicken Breast

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100g Chicken Breast 

Made from 100% Australian Chicken Breast, our Chicken Breast contains no preservatives and is a hard and dry dog treat. A great low-fat and high protein treat, Chicken Breast is great for use in your dog's meals, as a snack, or even as training treats as it is relatively easy to break up.

  • Low-fat 
  • High protein 
  • 100% Australian Chicken Breast 
  • Great as a meal addition, snack, or training treats 

Please note: These are not a soft chicken treat. Many chicken treats are soaked in glycerine (preservative E422) acting as a preservative, sweetener and softener before being dehydrated to increase the water content and create a softer treat.  Our chicken breast is proudly preservative free.

Always supervise your dog when giving any Liv and Lunes treat.