About Us

Hi there, we are Liv and Lunes! 

We are a small Brisbane based business that are passionate about providing your dogs with the highest quality treats, meal toppers, and enrichment tools to create  happy and healthy dogs. 

Liv and Lunes was inspired by the struggles I faced as a dog owner owning a high-drive breed and two dogs who hoovered their foods, which many other dog owners can relate to. Having two highly food motivated, fresh fed, working breed dogs you can imagine canine enrichment and nutrition is something we incorporate into our routine everyday! 

Our goal is to provide natural, Australian made dehydrated treats and meal toppers to help you feed your dogs nutritious and healthy foods, and to offer a wide variety of tried and true canine enrichment tools and slow feeders. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and we hope you love Liv and Lunes as much as we do!